Swedish horsewoman Catarina Strom has made her home in New Zealand after living here for 16 years. Originally Catarina came to NZ to assist and train participants in the then fledgling sport of equestrian vaulting.


Since those early days she has developed a wide variety of equestrian skills and is now acknowledged as one of NZ’s top vaulting coaches and trainers in the sport. Catarina has an absolute passion and enthusiasm for equestrian vaulting and at the Kapiti Equestrian & Vaulting Club in Waikanae she has developed world class athletes who have competed internationally very successfully on many occasions. The highlight was taking a team (the first NZ Vaulting team ever) to compete as part of the NZ Equestrian Team at WEG in France in 2014 where they acquitted themselves admirably finishing 9th overall from 17 of the top vaulting teams in the world.


Catarina’s ambition is to see Vaulting grow and develop in NZ as it is one of the fastest growing equestrian sports in the world.  Catarina believes that by educating Vaulters & horses to enjoy this incredibly diverse and challenging sport she will eventually see vaulting teams from around NZ competing on the international stage on a regular basis.


Equestrian Vaulting is a team sport and as such the enjoyment comes from seeing the development of trust & respect between Vaulters, horse & lunger and seeing the bond that builds between team members.


Time & experience Catarina says has taught her to look at training & coaching Vaulters & Vaulting horses with an open mind and importantly learning from a wide range of professionals in all equestrian disciplines as she says everyone has advice and experience that enables her  to improve her own skill sets.


Catarina gives lunging clinics both here in NZ and Europe, educating both horses & riders. Top Vaulting horses have to be trained to an advanced level of dressage.


Catarina feels honoured to be part of the worldwide family of Equestrian Vaulting and her ambition is to see more NZ clubs becoming involved and seeing the results that can occur helping young ones develop into confident, respectful, well rounded adults.