The Isuzu D-Max Off Road Challenge features an obstacle course that must be completed correctly, quickly, and with the right amount of style. The Challenge will include a range of tricky ‘off-road’ obstacles designed to test the horse’s confidence, training and trust, as well as the rider’s cues and directions.


With something for everybody, the Isuzu D-Max Off Road Challenge is a new initiative for riders of all ages and stages to enjoy. Modeled on the American Extreme Cowboy Racing there will be a combination of trail obstacles while incorporating the correct horsemanship skills that must be possessed to get to the finish line. The obstacles themselves mirror natural challenges that horses and riders would face out on the trails or stations.


The Isuzu D-Max Off Road Arena will also be home to a range of clinics and demonstrations, with the Off Road Challenge competitions only a part of the total package.


A full schedule of events in the Off Road Challenge will be available soon. Rider entries will be through Equestrian Entries.